Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Believe in Vitamins and Supplements

When I forget to take my vitamin supplements which is not often, my body (and sometimes my spirit) feel depleted of energy. Maybe it is because I work out rather intensely or perhaps as we age, our body chemistry changes and we need to supplement or "healthy" diets with extra vitamins to continue with an active lifestyle with less concern of injury or joint pain. At age 54, I have entered that limbo stage of the menopausal timetable. I often say that menopause is like suffering with PMS on a constant level. Oh boy, sorry, honey, I know you forgive me! This is because the hormones in our body are depleting rapidly which in turn wreaks havoc with our emotions, our digestive systems, our skin and our overall outlook on life. I try very hard to combat all of these symptoms with a clean diet, plenty of exercise, plenty of water and  a lot of deep breathing. I do not want to take hormones, artificial or bio-identical for the risks they pose. So I am experimenting a bit with supplements to curb the endless hot flashing that I suffer with mostly at night that causes me to have  very interrupted sleep patterns that leave me exhausted in the morning. So the first "supplement" of the day is a good hot cup of black, french pressed coffee. I know this is not good for menopause, but one or 2 cups gets things moving, especially the digestive system. That along with a high fiber breakfast with protein and my vitamins I am ready to go to the gym or garden or take my dog for a walk and now I am preparing to work full time as a cook @ my gym! Staying active is key to a healthy lifestyle along with a clean diet and vitamin supplements. Here is what I take daily: 2 Scoops Protein Powder-one in my oatmeal or cereal and one in my post workout shake, a "Women's" Multivitamin with Mineral, 1000 mg Calcium with Magnesium and Vitamin D (for Bone health), 1500 Mg Glucosamine with 1200 Mg Chondroitin (For Joint Health), 1000mg Wild Salmon Oil (Omega 3-fatty acids), and 500 mcg Vitamin b12 tablets. I have also started taking Probiotics for digestive health since acquiring diverticulitis. I try very hard to drink 12 glasses of water a day. It has been a year and a half since my first bout of diverticulitis that landed me in the hospital. It occurred again last November and water is key to my recovery and good health and my vitamin supplements are essential to my crazy energy level at the gym and now in the kitchen :) There are so many more supplements out there, however...if we eat a healthy diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and high fiber, there may not be a great need to supplement. When feeling under the weather, I grab the "Wellness Formula" and it seems to nip it..but sometimes not, especially when under stressful situations. It is all how you deal with your stress..A good old fashioned cry cleanses your soul...but deep breathing, stretching a great cardio workout and vitamins will get you through the most challenging days!