Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rewarding "Good" Behavior

Ever since we were children, our society beckons us to be "good". As parents, we sometimes label our children this way as our parents did tous. Since we live what we learn this is what most of us do unless we break the chain of judgement..  Each and every one of us has a different definition of  what is good and and what is bad. Linking this to a fitness quest or journey in our life, everyone is very different. For instance, when I was 210 pounds I thought only 2 slices of Pizza instead of my usual 3 or 4 was being good and oh, the Diet Coke was the beverage of choice and at a 6 pack a day, I was being exceptionally good! Now, I just shake my head at how I used to think.
This June is my 11th Anniversary of joining my local gym. 11 years ago I decided wholeheartedly to change my life forever and my definition of good and bad has done a complete 180 degrees in my mind and in my life. Every day I ask myself, "what did I do today that was good for my health and fitness"? Ask this question to yourself. My answer to myself is usually, "I ate a healthy breakfast with a balance of protein and carbs, I drank 8 glasses of water, I worked out, I had a post workout shake, I hugged a few friends, I had a low carb lunch of chicken and veggies, I took an hour nap, Just about to have string cheese and an apple,  I am going to eat a healthy dinner and get some more water in me I am definitely going to skip desert tonight. What do I do to reward this "good" behavior? I look at myself and say thank you :) During my weight loss journey, I never rewarded myself with food or a cheat day. I bought more workout outfits! And nothing, absolutely nothing beats the size 6 jeans that still are a bit baggy on me. When I was a 16+ I was miserable..How could I let myself go that far? I am so happy to have come to my senses and I will continue the good words and advise I have for people like you who read my blog. I am sincere about my concern for others and love to help and inspire those around me...this is what they are telling me..Me, Karen Brennan, Obesity Survivor, an Inspiration to others!! WOW, my greatest reward for weight loss success :)
The first thing I rewarded myself with was new running shoes...The photos above are just some examples of what I did. When going out to dinner, which is a rarity, I order healthy foods, or as healthy as I can get. I am pretty sure that most of the Salmon that is served in restaurants are farm raised which is basically fish swimming in small pools in their own excrement. I am a little (haha) obsessive about what I consume now and I feel so much better than how I used to feel at 210+ and at a size 16+. Needless to say have replaced my food rewards with some material items, but when I became a Certified Fitness Trainer that was my biggest reward of all. I had 4 steady clients for a couple of years and I could help out around here with the finances. I was so proud of myself when I was published in Prevention magazine and also Muscle and Fitness Hers in the same year. I was on a roll!. For over a year now I have been out of the gym. Oh, the gym, that will be another saucy story and it will be a book, indeed! I have some very crazy stories coming out of that place.
I Over-trained for 7 straight years and ruined my hips, so now I stay at home, stretch and meditate and do too much housework and gardening to live a pain free life, but I take one day at a time and try my best to stay positive. I am OK! :)