Monday, April 26, 2010

Exercise and Diet Myths

Myth: The more you sweat (esp. by extreme measures) while exercising, the more body fat is lost.
Fact: If you wrap yourself in plastic wrap (which I often see in the women's locker room) or rubberized clothing, you will definitely lose weight. However, this is only water weight you are losing, not fat. When you replenish your body with fluids and food that lost weight will return quite rapidly. One also risks heat injury by attempting to lose weight this way by keeping the heat in your core as opposed to letting it evaporate naturally.

Myth: You are able to burn fat from specific regions of the body by spot reducing.
Fact: Spot reduction has no factual basis. Fat is lost by all regions of your body while exercising and concentrating on specific body parts, will get toned, but the fat will not disappear.

Myth: Muscles turn to fat when you stop exercising regularly
Fact: Muscles cannot turn into fat. They are 2 separate and distinct tissues. One tissue cannot turn into another. With Muscles, you must use it or lose it or it will waste away.

Myth: Supplements are not effective
Fact: Science has not invented the magic pill just yet, but there are plenty of good choices for supplements out there and I will address this at a later date. Like the next time I write.
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