Friday, April 2, 2010

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)

Ok, yesterday I felt so guilty about not getting up early to meet up with the girls at the gym that I did my workout at home and I am paying for it today :( It was a hard night of sleeplessness the night before and I needed to rest. At my age, (52) when your body says rest, you listen very carefully or you pay the price of a lower resistance to illness. After sleeping in a bit and a couple of cups of coffee and a light breakfast of organic oatmeal with whey protein powder, I decided to kick it into gear. It was absolutely beautiful outside, but a little chilly so I dressed in layers and took off down the street. Here is my workout:
Walk-quick walk for 1 minute-Slow jog for 50 paces-quick walk for 50 paces-Stretch legs in low lunge position-Stretch upper body. Walk at a quick pace for 50 paces and then jog for 50 paces-slow down to a quick pace for 5 minutes.
Walking Lunges 25 reps-slow jog for 50 paces-Walking lunges 25 reps-slow jog for 50 paces
Squats 25 reps-Stretch-walk at slow pace-walk at a quick pace-jog for 50 paces-Squats 25 reps
Quick walk for 5 minutes-jog for 50 paces-walking lunges 25 reps-Squats 25 reps
Quick walk for 5 minutes-jog the rest of the way home.
Cool Down-Stretch Drink Water
Outside in the Sun:
Legs on Mat with Stability Ball-Standing w/ hands on ball-Kickups 25 each leg-2 sets
Lying on Mat 100 adductor presses with ball
Ab Workout on Mat with Stability Ball
Sitting on Ball: 50 Crunches-50 reach ups-50 oblique crunches each side-Repeat
Lying on Mat: 50 Leg Lifts-50 Bicycles-50-Reach Ups-50 Reverse Crunches-50 Crunches
Stretch and Breathe
Drink Water
It took me about 1.5 hours to do this workout. Today I have DOMS in my quads big time and lucky me, I like the pain, cause it means I worked hard and this is rewarding for me. Now it is my mission and passion to motivate others to find within themselves to 1)get started 2)stay with it 3)live longer
I am taking the day off today since Hubby is home from work and it is his Birthday Weekend and need some quality time...but I will be at the gym in the morning to kick my own butt again!
Working on the low fat Easter Brunch and will post the menu a little later :)

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