Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The I am So Tired, BUT still doing my Kick-Butt Work Out

It's only Tuesday and I am exhausted and really had to push myself to go to the gym today, but I accomplished a lot and I may take a nap in a little while :)
This is what I did:
16 minutes on the Elliptical~ Burn 200 Calories (4 minutes less than yesterday)
22 minutes on the Treadmill-Interval training-Burn 200 Calories
Stretch on Mat
20 Squats
Small Circuit on mat:
1 Leg Hip thrusts 25 Reps each leg then hold the raised leg at the angle of the other knee for 60 seconds Stretch it out!
Leg Lifts-No Hand Thrusts-Reg. Crunch 25 Reps Each
Adductor/Abductor Presses 4 sets of 25 Reps each
Leg Press 130# 1 set of 20 then 1 leg at a time @ 70# 1 set of 20
Dead Lifts with 25# bar 3 sets of 20 reps each
Cable leg work with strapped ankle 35# 3 sets of 20 of 3 positions
Calf Raises- 2 sets of 20 reps
Back Extensions- 2 sets of 20
Arc Trainer Cardio-20 minutes Burn 200 Calories
Stationary Bike 15 minutes-Burn 200 Calories
Yes indeed I did kick my own butt again and I feel Great, still tired though-(My shows were on late last night..LOL) so I will give myself a quick 20 minute power nap
My weight after the Holiday's=151 My weight today after my work out 146 My lowest weight when training-3 years ago 135. I looked a little drawn, so I feel better and look better with a little extra poundage, especially when aging is becoming a very sensitive issue!
It is very important to switch up and challenge your cardio daily. I will post an example of Interval Training when I wake up :)

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