Monday, March 29, 2010

Clean out your Pantry!

If you are able to do this, please go into your pantry and fridge and throw away the following:
White Flour, White Sugar, Sugar Substitutes (artificial sweeteners), Vegetable Shortening, Candy Bars, Cake, Chips, Cookies, Hydrogenated Oils, Milk Chocolate, Pretzels, Sugary Cereals, Syrup, White Rice, Powdered Milk, Canned foods, Pudding, Cold Cuts, Soda Pop, Diet Soda, Ice Cream, Yogurt with Sugar,  a condiments that contain sulfites or preservatives, and foods contained in non-lined metal cans (metal leaches into our foods).
Is your trash full? If you feel badly about throwing away your food, donate it to your local shelter if possible. Here is another alternative, the next time you shop, make sure your cupboards and fridge are empty, clean it out with some white vinegar and water to remove old food and bacteria,  and do not purchase any of the above mentioned items and place in your cart the following substitutes for the above:
Whole Wheat Flour, Organic or raw sugar, Honey, Olive oil, Organic Canola Oil, Protein bars, Non-Salted Blue Corn Chips (eat in moderation-still high in fat and salt), "Earth Balance" Margarine, Dark Chocolate, Oatmeal, Brown Rice, 1% Organic Milk, Organic Soy or Almond Milk,  Jarred tomato sauces and veggies (fresh is best though) Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (Frozen is OK too), Organic low fat yogurt or soy yogurt-plain ~add fresh fruit and cinnamon to sweeten, Cold Cuts with no nitrites or nitrates, Sorbet or organic soy ice cream are lower in fat than ice cream , but still high in sugar-splurge a little sometimes, Diet soda is poison-read up on it!, limit your Juice intake to 1/2 cup-whole fruit is better. Look at the labels to learn a wealth of information about what you are about to consume!

Here is a great afternoon snack:
1/2 cup low fat Cottage Cheese Blended with fresh basil, 1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar a little olive oil and salt & pepper to taste. Serve with Fresh, Raw Veggies.

What's for dinner?

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