Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday, Monday..Can't trust that day...

Monday is usually the day everyone despises. I am looking at it as a new week and perhaps a new beginning in Nutrition. It seems as though most people do not have control of their diet on the weekends and I have tried to put a stop this this in my own life. The power of your mind exceeds any slip ups on your diet. I used to say, "Just eat what you want, but in smaller portions" however it is much more important to read the labels of what you are eating. I am promoting the idea of eating clean. What does this really mean? Every day consuming fresh, organic fruits and least 3 fruits and unlimited amount of (the lower carb) vegetables, lean, organic if possible meats, poultry and wild fresh fish (Salmon is the lowest in mercury), a gallon of water, low fat dairy such as yogurt, cottage cheese, string cheese or organic soy products and whole grain breads. My food lists are very comprehensive so as not to get bored. So, Breakfast:
1 cup organic oatmeal cooked with mashed banana and 1 scoop Whey Protein
1 cup French Pressed Coffee (yes, I think coffee is good for you)
vitamins with water
In 2-3 hours a snack of 1 small apple and 1 T peanut butter
Huge fresh salad with 6 oz boneless, skinless Chicken breast
1 slice whole grain bread or 4 crackers
Iced tea or water
Mid Afternoon Snack:
1 cup low fat cottage cheese dip made with basil & balsamic served with celery
6 oz Grilled Salmon with Lemon
1 bunch steamed broccoli
1/2 cup Brown Rice
Night time Snack:
Herbal Tea or Protein Shake made with water, protein powder blended with 3 ice cubes
Remember to drink lots of pure water and get plenty of rest

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