Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Under-The-Weather-Workout & Diet on Tuesday

Menopause Madness is in full swing (yet again). It seems as though it is one big hot flash for a week now. I am going to take my temp just too see if I am feverish or just flashing...Not feeling too well with an upset stomach and headache, but ate my oatmeal with protein & some strawberries and vitamins, then took my dog for a 20 minute walk.
Stretching for a good long 30 minutes
Ab work for 20 minutes and
getting the patio ready to build the porch this weekend
Feeling better!
Resting to feel better for tomorrow & help my clients get through their sessions with a smile :)
Diet on a under-the-weather day:
Flax seed Oatmeal made with water and 1 scoop protein powder
6 Organic Strawberries
Water with Vitamins
1 Small organic apple with 1 Tbs organic peanut butter
Salad for lunch with lots of veggies & boneless, skinless chicken breast-homemade salad dressing
Water, water, water
String Cheese wrapped in no additive deli ham & thin slice of whole wheat sourdough toast
Stir Fry for dinner made with fresh veggies & baked tofu
Water, Water, Water
Hot tea
I know that this looks very light...it is an attempt to maintain my weight loss goal!
I eat more on a full workout day.
The inspiration for this article: There are no excuses anymore for me not to work out. As Danny DeVito said, "Excuses are like A__holes, everyone has one and they all stink!" Not really classy, but true ;)

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