Monday, April 12, 2010

Must Have Cardio Playlists!

I worked out for an entire year losing 70 pounds without an i-pod. I look back and think now, How Did I Do That? Since music is a huge part of my cardio program, have reached my goal of burning 200 calories in 20 minutes and since Music is a very personal thing, it is a little difficult to come up with a 20 minute playlist that would suit everyone so I will list 3 that come from my i-tunes Music, DISCO First:
Circ: Destroy she Said
Cascada: What Hurts the Most
Hillary Duff: Stranger
Ian Va Dahl: Castles in the Sky
Sting: Send Your Love-Remix

Gnarles Barkley: Charity Case
Gorillaz: Feel Good
Wyclef Jean: Stayin Alive
50 Cent: Ayo Technology
B.o.B: I'll be in the sky

Breaking Benjamin: Diary of Jane
Incubus: Megalomaniac
Linkin Park: Don't Stay
Muse: Map of the Problematique
Paulson: Ultra High
Spoon: Don't you Evah

Now this is all for fun and most of the tunes have a good beat. That is the point. The music must have a good , fast beat for you to synchronize your body to the music. Make new goals for your cardio daily. sorry I don't have a Country playlist. If you have one, please share with me & I will post it!

My Cardio work out today:
20 minutes on Treadmill mostly walking at 4 MPH up hill between levels 8 and 15
20 minutes on Elliptical changing up levels of resistance and direction of foot movement
20 minutes on Arc Trainer changing levels of resistance
20 minutes outside with my dog! Very quick pace.

What do you do when you reach your goals? Make new ones!

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